Product introduction

Item name:TCN799 tungsten Ga-mma ray collimator
Material:Pure Tungsten & WNiFe alloy, W1 &W-Ni-Fe & W-Ni-Cu
Packaging:Plywood Case
Application:medical radiation shielding, Health & Medical
Brand name:XIAMET
Place Of origin:China
Product details

WNiFe/WNiCu 1.75 lb TCN799 tungsten Ga-mma ray collimator

Collimators contain and direct the beam of radiation during exposure. A wide range of collimators have been developed to meet the variety of applications and techniques used.

1. Tungsten radiation shielding capability is more than 1.7 lead when radiation is stronger, both radiation shielding capability away from more obvious;

2. Tungsten materials, non-toxic, and poisonous lead, tungsten alloy is not hazardous to human security

3. Easy to carry tungsten alloy machining, high hardness, thickness and even more up-micron level.

Common types: TCN799,TCN827,TCN828,TCN846


  • High density
  • Good machinability - 
  • Good mechanical properties - 
  • High modulus of elasticity - 
  • High absorption capacity against χ-rays and γ-rays 
  • Harmless to the health and environment
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